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The Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment – CRC CARE – is an Australian research and development organisation providing cutting edge technologies and knowledge in assessing, preventing and remediating contamination of soil, water and air.

CRC CARE was established under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centre Program in 2005 to bring together Australian and international expertise in science, industry and government in a partnership for the development, commercialisation and extension of advanced technologies and methods for:

  • assessing contamination risks in land, groundwater and air
  • managing and/or remediating contamination
  • developing safe options for land use and the reuse of wastes on land, and
  • developing solutions that are acceptable to regulatory agencies and the public.

CRC CARE’s approach brings together universities, regulatory authorities, mining, petroleum and agricultural industries, venture capitalists, environment consultants and suppliers to work collaboratively on vital contamination issues and sites around the world.

CRC CARE works on real industry issues and can deliver solutions and outcomes based on the best research and evidence available. International links with some of the world’s best environmental scientists means that CRC CARE is up to date with developments from around the globe. CRC CARE has a strong commercial approach and goals that drive the company to develop practical outcomes for use by industry in Australia and globally.

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